Saturday, November 7, 2009

You gotta start somewhere

I'm starting with movie reviews!

And I'm starting tomorrow.

I've made the questionably foolish decision to write a brief (or verbose, depending on how impassioned I get) review of all of the movies I have in my collection. That's hundreds! One a day should keep me going for a year. I can count! Oh man.

Some day, when I have mastered this thing called the "Internet", I may post things about my website (p.s. this is my website until I learn what the eff I'm doing; how am I supposed to live without you, geocities!?!?!) and goings-on in my (considerably slight) writerly world.

Until then, movie reviews, and lots of 'em! In alphabetical order! Sometimes when I'm drunk!

First up:

Adventure in Babysitting

Can't wait!

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