Friday, August 9, 2013

"Seneca Falls: First Recorded Outbreak of Strain Z"

Got my copy of ZOMBIES: SHAMBLING THROUGH THE AGES! It's thick and beautiful, just the way I likes 'em:

Lookit, here's my story, with an appropriate amount of crazy eyes:

(I haven't washed my hair today; I hope no one notices....until they read this.)

Here is my author bio, short, sweet, and pertinent:

Finally, here are my favorite words from Steve Berman's intro: "One of the librarians has brought to my attention that a disheveled man has been seen near the front entrance. He is most likely a student demonstrator. I would not be surprised if, upon exiting after our lectures, we find the number of these ragamuffins has exponentially multiplied."

Won't you pick up your own copy today?