Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Eat Your ART Out (Fan Art, Round 2)

I'm so very proud to have such talented friends who want to share their creations with me!

Up next is this gem from Dan Doerflein:

This was sort of a commission, as Dan asked, "Hey, do you want a painting?" And I replied, "Yes, please, do an emotional beet." Bless that man, he rendered not ONE but SIX emotional beets! (It was less of a commission in the fact that I did not pay Dan anything to do this. But let's not split hairs.)

However, I am not pop-culturally aware enough to understand the reference here. "Emotional Beet Bunch?" Are they one beet making six different faces? Or six different emotional beets, kind of like the Seven Dwarves? And are those people supposed to then be Snow White and Prince Charming? More importantly, is that beet on the right in the middle flirting with me? If so, his girlfriend in the bottom right corner has a problem with that.

Of course I am attempting (poorly) to joke around about not knowing what the heck The Brady Bunch is (it's a breakfast cereal, duh). Which makes this brilliant piece of art all the more disturbing, as it implies that the two people pictured have had sex to produce these emotional beets (not with each other, but with previous, unpictured, partners. Whom I would assume are beets.) Breaking boundaries, is what this painting is doing. Boundaries some might say are best left erect.

And now that you are safely thinking about erections, I bid you adieu!

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