Saturday, January 26, 2013

Eat Your ART Out

I am proud to say that I can repeat this fan art theme thrice more, but one of those posts will be kind of a stretch.

Last week, Sophia Accorinti imagined her way into the bodies of Carmelle and Devin (as I'm sure we all have in one way or another). The results are astounding!

Cleavage speaks louder than words, people. I (and Devin) would like to think Carmelle is sporting a Superman halter top here, but alas I'm pretty sure that's just a pouty lip icon. Which. is. perfect.

I hope that frappacino is for Carmelle, because if not, she is going to be maaaad. Also, sister needs a Bluetooth! Makes multi-tasking for demanding girlfriends whilst avoiding zombie hordes so much simpler. (Here is a marketing gift for you, Bluetooth: "Bluetooth. Simplify the way you run your girlfriend's errands while simultaneously evading zombie hordes.")

Thank you so much to Sophia for drawing these! (I didn't even ask her to! Or pay her. Sorry about not paying you!)

If you have Eat Your Heart Out fan art that you would like me to share with the ten or so people who read this blog, send it my way! Or just pictures of yourself pretending to read the book. Or just pictures of acorns that look like Baby Jesus. Whatever you got, I need blog content!

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