Friday, December 21, 2012

There Was A Lot of Competition

I'm honored to announce that The Rainbow Reader has bestowed upon Eat Your Heart Out the much-coveted award for Pioneering Use of a Cheating Ex-Stripper Girlfriend-Cum-Gun-Wielding Warrior Babe in a Zombie Apocalypse.

My book was up against a lot of heavy hitters in this category, and it only squeaked to the top by a very slim margin. This award means so much not only to me but to all the gun-wielding ex-stripper girlfriends out there whose hard work against the zombie regime goes virtually unnoticed. Raise a glass to the warrior babe in your life, and then slam that glass down into the eye of that zombie that's gnawing on your leg. (Seriously, dude, it's right on top of you.)

My thanks to Salem West. And you should check out the other clever awards for some pretty boss books on her list here

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