Sunday, December 2, 2012

Honored to be Mentioned

This week, The Rainbow Awards anointed my little zombie-novella-that-could, Eat Your Heart Out, with two Honorable Mentions in the categories of Best Lesbian Debut Novel/Book and Best Lesbian Sci-Fi/Fantasy!

I'm deeply grateful to have had my story considered for this award. With the publication of my own little queer book, I have slowly throughout this past year been immersing myself more and more into the world of queer literature, and much like a virgin on her wedding night, I am discovering it is bigger than I imagined! The Rainbow Awards are great because it is an effort of love that achieves positive and inclusive visibility for all aspects of queer literature.

From the website: "More than 480 books, almost 150 judges, all over the world, and many, many submissions, from indie publishers, from mainstream publishers and a lot of self-published authors."

I was very impressed with the list of winners (more titles to add to my To Read list!), and with the positive comments from some of the judges for each title. Even the Honorable Mentions got blurbed. For EYHO: "Funny, engaging and oh yeah... zombies." –Julie W."Fast paced, action packed story with a different spin on the zombie genre. I really liked the chemistry between the MC's". –Tammy.

I want to thank everyone involved with these awards (it seems like a massive undertaking!), and everyone who has read and reviewed Eat Your Heart Out over this past year, and especially Steve Berman of Lethe Press and Alex Jeffers of BrazenHead, for all your extremely awesome support of my endeavors and of queer fiction in general. Let us continue to move gayly forward!

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