Monday, April 9, 2012

I've got good excuses over here!

I'm really bad at blogging in general, but lately I have a GOOD EXCUSE. It could even be a REASON. See, I don't have the internet at my current personal dwelling space. So I have to trek to a coffee shop or something to get any real work in that area done. There's only so much an iPhone can do before it gets annoying (or before I get distracted by Words with Friends).


Eat Your Heart Out is a Goldie finalist in the Speculative Fiction category! There is some pretty stiff competition here, but I am excited to be among them! Hopefully I will get to attend the conference, if I can swing my work schedule the right way.

Okay that's all I got. OH...the website is updated with a bit of press and event info. See you in a month or something!

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