Sunday, October 27, 2013

Scarily Cute Halloween Thingies!

At my place of employ, we're having a contest wherein all the employees costumize these little monster figurines and then the customers may vote as to which is most aesthetically pleasing. All the little monsters are so adorable/ridiculous/creepy, I feel compelled to share.

Can you guess which one is mine?

Is it....

me, Mario?

Joss Whedon's Marvel's Agent of Shield's Captain America?

 Fancy Zoot Suit Skull Man Thing Guy?

That One Thing From That One Movie by That One Guy with Them One Things?

The Boy Who Lived?

Your Grandpa?

Pinhead's Aborted Fetus?

The Most Fabulous Skull Man Thing Guy You Ever Did See?

This Scary Motherfucker Right Here?

This Slap-dash Piece of Crap?

HINT: Mine's a piece of crap that I whipped up slap-dashedly!

Kudos to all my super crafty and imaginative coworkers!


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