Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eat Your ART Out: Fan Art, Part 3

Today's selection is less "fan art," more "my friend Michelle just being her general rad self."

Michelle Kendall whipped up this t-shirt for me, in support of the One True Bad Ass, Ms. Renni Ramirez! While I do think Carmelle Souffle has her charms, and I can understand why Devin would continue to feel emotionally bound to her even after her indiscretions, make no mistake: I am thoroughly and forever on Team Renni.

I guess Michelle made her own stencils for this? And possibly other simple craft thingies that are way beyond me because crafts, like maths, scare my brain into dark corners from whence it refuses to return until I give it trashy reality television and make the BAD BAD NUMBERS AND CROSS STITCHING GO AWAY.

I can be seen wearing this t-shirt at my Velvet Revolution reading here!

Thanks so much, Michelle! I couldn't dream up a more supportive friend unless that dream were to somehow wander off into an erotic space, which I only let happen on days that end with Y.

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