Monday, October 29, 2012

Live-blogging Pretty Little Liars

A more accurate title might be "Stream-of-consciousness Blogging PLL." Since it will not be "live" by the time you read this. Also I may edit it to make myself seem as though I have some sort of grasp on how to spell and grammer good.

So Pretty Little Liars is baaaaasically the most ludicrous show on television. And I mean that as a compliment. I am in love with it.  You know that part in Whip It! when Ellen Page's parents are all, "No Roller Derby for you! It will interfere with your schooling and stunt your growth and turn you gay and make you move to Austin!" And Juno is all, "But I'm IN LOVE with this!" And that guy from Home Alone is all, "I told you! Gay!" You know that part? Yeah, my love for PLL is like that part of that movie I just described there.

Anyway, I've had a lot of sugar and caffeine and there's a super storm outside my window, so here we go:


There will be spoilers.

Season 3, Episode 1

An animal shelter for pocket dogs?! Is this the best thing, or the BEST thing?

Doesn't Emily still have a hole in her stomach? Put down the vodka!

Bringing up your dead girlfriend at a party. Dowwwner.

I'm so glad they haven't changed these opening credits.

But I thought the only shovel in all of Rosewood was locked up in "evidence" at the "Police Station"!

I think the name of their crack mystery team should be Conclusion Jumpers.

No one besides Jayne is blaming you.

The anniversary of when you hooked up anonymously with a teenager in a bar bathroom? Super romantic.

Spencer is always trying to go on little dates with the other girls, and they are always like, "No thank you I have a boyfr--wait, what am I saying? Yes please! Can we wear costumes?"

Pretty lax security for a criminal insane asylum there, Rosewood.

LESBIAN ANGST! ..oh wait...That's just regular mourning angst. My bad. Carry on.

"Someday, we will all have jubilation." Hannah is my favorite.

The one thing these ladies should have done on their summer vacation was take a dang self-defense class!

Aaaand now they all have ulcers!

Wellllll that was fun for me. You know what else is fun? Heather Hogan's recaps at Check 'em out.

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