Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Few Nice Things


Thank you for coming to my reading all them Fridays ago! (I think it was like two Fridays. IRREGARDLESS) It was super great to see everyone, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who bought books from me. I'm also super appreciative of your skills in coming up with obscure foods on the spot! To anyone thinking of doing a reading in a family-friendly environment, I highly recommend asking your guests to provide you with names of foods to replace all your family unfriendly swear words. It's chaotic and great! Furthermore, you guys, you all raised $71.50 to help feed some kibble (and maybe give some vaccinations or something) to some dogs and/or cats at ARF! And thank you again to Half Price Books for hosting the event! (They also featured me on their Meet the Bibliomaniac blog, check it out!) (P.S. If you have any pictures or vids from the event, please send 'em my way!)

So listen, here is a Save-the-Date-type announcement: I will be reading at Velvet Revolution on Wednesday evening April 4th! More info as that happens, BUT I am very excited because VelRo is a great place to read (this is also an open mic, so you should read too!) due to the immense awesomeness of the students who run it, attend it, and provide snacks and beverages for it!

Also, you guys, I am not sure if you have heard of this tiny, mom-and-pop organization known as the Lambda Literary Foundation, but in case you have not they are kind of the tops. The Tops! And so anyway, they reviewed Eat Your Heart Out, and oh man, it was kind of a heart-stopping moment for me. Here is a snippet: "You’re going to love Devin. You’ll lust after Renni Ramirez, too. Hey, even I did as a gay man. Let Ingram take you on a wild zombie adventure. You’ll come to appreciate just why zombies have popped up on the popularity chart of late." Read the full review here!

In another surreal turn of events, Eat Your Heart Out was reviewed across the danged huge ocean in award-winning U.K. horror magazine Black Static! Check out this international acclaim: "...If you fancy a rip roaring zombie action story where the girl gets the girl, written by an author who has a sense of humour and knows how to play the tropes of this subgenre with a virtuoso skill and invention, then Eat Your Heart Out is the book for you." Insanity!

In other writing news, I have completed a first complete draft and revision of my latest manuscript, All Good Children. It was so much more emotional than I wanted it to be! Seriously it raked my heart over some hot coals and then like stomped on it with cleats and then like yelled obscene things at it. In the best way possible. AND NOW I have to turn it into my professor for my final MFA creative project. I am so nervous that "nervous" is inadequate to describe this thing I am feeling. I AM POOPING MYSELF EMOTIONALLY. That's better.

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