Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's Like a UFO Sighting!

Sometime this past week, The Outer Alliance recorded a podcast (Podcasted?) of a "Queer SF&F" panel, where a buncha readers sat in a room and discussed queer science fiction and fantasy. Man, I wish I could've been in that room. But I kind of was, in spirit, because around the 57 minute mark an audience member asked for some lesbian horror recommendations, and two of the panelists (Melissa Scott and JoSelle Vanderhooft) recommended Eat Your Heart Out. JoSelle actually blurbed the book many months ago (so awesome!), and Melissa commented that she actually doesn't like zombie stories but she liked Eat Your Heart Out.

My book transcends your personal preferences!

Additionally, Eat Your Heart Out got a brief shout out from reviewer Peter Tennant of Black Static as a novella that impressed him in 2011.


Zombies and lesbians, together at last.

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