Thursday, November 10, 2011

If you loved me, you'd put in more scenes about babies

My review of Eat Your Heart Out:

I was tempted to give this one star but, since I wrote it, I guess I have to give it five.

Okay, zombies I can buy into, but there are some very unrealistic moments in this book. I mean, when the zombie outbreak happens (and it WILL happen) who the hell is gonna have time to fuck in a field and not even worry about STDs? Or babies. I mean, shouldn't SOMEONE be freaking out about saving all the babies?!? If this novella really wanted to be realistic, I would have put in a scene where Devon has sex with a man in order to procreate and save the species. Who cares what her heart wants! Who cares what her vagina craves! This is the Apocalypse, people! You don't have the luxuries of things like condoms and meaningful relationships and lesbians and diet Coke! Get with the baby-making!

In short, this book could really benefit from more scenes with babies (babies are, statistically, the most underrepresented minority in zombie fiction), and more straight sex (there isn't any at all!).

                                                "Love me!"

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