Friday, January 14, 2011

Writing Cover Letters Can Be Fun

Hello there, [Editors of a Contest I Don't Expect to Win]:

Attached you will find my submission for your zombie novel/novella contest, entitled EAT YOUR HEART OUT. It is a novel of approximately 50,000 words in length. Allow me to tell you a little about it:

EAT YOUR HEART OUT finds Rain, a twenty-something college drop-out, struggling to breathe new life into her relationship with her emotionally unavailable former-stripper girlfriend Carmelle in the midst of a freak zombie outbreak. After Rain is bitten by a zombie, she begins not only to fear the loss of Carmelle, but also the possible loss of her own life to the dreaded Infection. All seems lost until Rain is able to team up with a most unexpected ally - the one, the only, the ineffable Michelle Fucking Rodriguez.

Told with fast-paced, whip-smart sincerity, EAT YOUR HEART OUT is not simply a zombie satire clinging to the coattails of whatever's left of the lesbian community's infatuation with Michelle Rodriguez. Okay, it is that, but it's also a deeply disturbing exposé of the American Government's abuse of power, a chilling examination of the inextricable bond between personal identity and sexual orientation, a penetrating probe into the minds and hearts of female twenty-somethings (and Michelle Rodriguez), and one hell of a zombie quest novel. With recipes!

I'm lying about the recipes.

My name is Dayna Ingram, and I'm a writer and student living in the San Francisco Bay Area. My short stories have appeared in the literary journals Collective Fallout and Livermore Street. But none of them were zombie-related, so, meh.


  1. Your novel won a contest? Awesome! What'd you win?

  2. No, I didn't win anything. This is a cover letter for a contest I entered. I don't even know if the contest is legitimate, but it was fun writing the cover letter.

  3. I love this like whoa. None of my cover letters have sounded this good!